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Ellenby products are made by hand in Minnesota

How to Keep Handmade Soap

- Store in cool, dry area
Do not store in sealed plastic containers or plastic bags.  All handmade soaps must "breathe".
* In hot, humid conditions, high glycerin soaps will actively draw moisture from the air, causing surface condensation. This is normal, and will not affect soap quality.

Important Notes

Young children should be watched while using Ellenby soaps. Some fragrances are so "tasty" that they may try to eat the soap.


- Do not ingest Ellenby Handmade soaps.
- Do not use on large areas of broken skin.


As with all skin care products, if itching, burning, or redness develops, rinse with clear water and discontinue use.


Minor variations in shapes and colors should be expected, as  Ellenby soap is hand-made in small batches. Every batch is tested for mildness and quality - not on animals, but on Ellen's family and friends!